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    China's cosmetics market penetration rate of only 30%, great potential


    Fermentation began last year, rumors, and finally landed in Shanghai, 2017 brand Festival on the floor.

    Yesterday, Shanghai Jahwa chairman and C E O Oriental first publicly unveiled, and officially announced that the company has been T ommee T ippee (Tom world) the sole agency in Chinese, Tom m eeT IP p e e will be officially launched to expand the business Chinese market.

    The evening of April 29th last year, the market was rumored to British private Holdings Company 3I announced to 135 million pounds (about 1 billion 279 million yuan) price to Shanghai Jahwa (Group) Co. Ltd. has sold its British baby products manufacturing enterprises M aybornGroup.

    Shanghai Jahwa said, including the introduction of the world China, Tommy, yesterday announced the brand strategy, are intended to implement the enterprise "brand driven" business principles, carry out and lay a good foundation for the whole year of business. And it is widely believed that how to effectively boost performance, is to replace the former chairman of the board from the outside to face the reality of the reality facing Xie Wenjian.

    The introduction of high-profile Tommy world

    "It used to be the first in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth markets. It will enter the Chinese market, Shanghai Jahwa to undertake its strategic landing in the Chinese market. This brand is T om EE T ippee, we will soon see this product in the market, Shanghai Jahwa will be the exclusive distribution of domestic M ayborn products in." Zhang Dongfang said.

    As the UK's first baby supplies brand, T om eeT ippee in the United Kingdom accounted for more than 50% market share, while in Australia, New Zealand and the United States also has a good performance in the United States, M. Shanghai Jahwa T m EE T ippee expectations are very high in.

    In the home of Shanghai children's products director Zhang Yi Yi seems that China's infant supplies market has a large scale, large population, large demand characteristics. In 16 million newborns each year rate, by 2020 China's baby feeding market will reach 27 billion yuan. The current generation of Chinese mother pan 90, is a set of high grade, high education and high income in one of the "three high" mother, their mother more than in the past compared to self-confidence, but also facing new confusion and anxiety. As a result, the T m eeT ippee for the typical high-end baby supplies have a wider demand than in the past, om.

    Zhang Zhiyi said, T om m eeT ippee will rely on the advantages of the five Jahwa group, shaping the core competitiveness, and strive to achieve in the Chinese market to catch up from behind".

    Look beautiful makeup protects market potential

    According to the 2016 annual report released in the evening of March 21st Jahwa Shanghai, the annual revenue of $5 billion 321 million and net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is still below the market expectations of $216 million.

    Previously, Shanghai Jahwa has said publicly in the 2016 results in the 2017 operating income to deduct the sales agent compared to KAO products after service revenue year 2016, achieve two digit growth.

    The meeting, Zhang Dong spent a lot of space to pass the brand layout and market potential of Shanghai jahwa.

    "Look at the Chinese market today, great potential. First look at women's products, in the make-up category, compared to the other two countries in Asia, there is no room for the growth of its permeability. In Japan, South Korea, the penetration rate has been 80%, close to 90%, while China's penetration rate of only 30%. Look at the number of products used by each female, in Japan and South Korea are more than seven or eight, while China's consumers are only two to three, the new product has great potential. Look at the skincare product price, in Japan and South Korea market, the average price of their skin care products are three times the price of the Chinese skincare and above, so Chinese skin care products to a high-end is still a long journey." Zhang Dong pointed out. In this case, the Shanghai Jahwa is trying to seize the Chinese daily cosmetics market segmentation, high-end, younger opportunities.

    According to Zhang Dongfang introduction, according to the third party statistics, in 2016 the overall skin care products (market) grew by an average of 14%, which is driven by the growth of high-end products. High-end product growth in 2016 reached 35%, while the high-end and popular products are below the average growth rate.

    Nandu reporter noted that the chief partner of Ping An capital, Liu Dong, director of the Department of Homeland Security representatives attended the meeting yesterday, Shanghai. Liu Dong served as chairman of the board of Shanghai jahwa.

    Report: Nandu reporter Ma Jianzhong


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