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    Even makeup experts, but also need to pay attention to these high light use


    With the make-up of this thing more handy, we always want to challenge more makeup, grooming, this feeling only high light makeup makeup to the operation details, has become the most wanted to try makeup, but whether it is light or high tolerance, must understand the skills to use.

    High light is too exaggerated

    One must bear in mind the principle that less is more. You need to highlight the area, in fact, do not need to be too bright, a lot of people think that the need to mention the light must be bright enough, in fact, only a little, in the sun has been very obvious.

    Too much light

    Because love the face moist reflective state, the use of containing pearl makeup, then is the bridge of the nose and forehead using high light stick, the result is the face becomes shiny, lack of delicate luster.

    Use high light everywhere on the face

    Always keep in mind that only the bridge of the nose, lips are above the Cupid bow, cheekbones on the use of high light, other parts, no matter where they are, it will appear shiny.

    It's a terrible thing to use the wrong color

    If your skin is of medium depth, make sure you use a high - gloss color of peach - to - bronze; and the color of the white, translucent or ivory.

    Makeup artist is recommended to use cream like high gloss products

    Makeup artist said that a lot of people think that the cream of the high light will not push, in fact, he believes that the use of cream more like the use of warm fingers to soften the product, it is a good operation.

    Think about what kind of environment you want to stay in

    If you want to work all day under the fluorescent light, a soft, shiny, shiny powder is better for you, and if you are working in the sun, it will be better for you to have a fine particle of fine particles.

    Don't give yourself 5 minutes to make up

    The foundation will give you enough time to face and fusion, in the use of high light products and concealer, leave some time together, and then on the foundation, will be more fit.

    From: VOGUE China


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