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    Get rid of these makeup mistakes, makeup immediately beautiful to take off!


    Makeup, beauty makeup tips and makeup products and grass weeding is every girl will be a matter of concern. But even a professional makeup artist may step on one or two makeup areas. Have you made the cleaning brush today? Makeup products to choose? Why not clean makeup is mottled? The 20 need to highlight the beauty to help you access error.

    1 occasional cleaning brush

    For a long time, the cleaning of the cleaning brush can lead to bacterial breeding, pollution and cosmetic products, and aggravate the symptoms of sensitive skin or skin. At the same time, a large number of cosmetic products brush has residue, easy to make rough makeup is not clean, easy to dye color makeup mixed.

    2 full face use bronze powder

    Bronzer contour and powder although mostly as hairdressing products, but it is different to meet the demand of the. Emphasize the shadow effect of strengthening a sense of facial contour is contour powder, is usually the color gray matte products. While most Bronzer color warm orange shimmer, more is used for tanning, the skin is kissed by the sun's color for health, only the pursuit of people is not suitable for trimming the effect of the use of full face.

    3 hand test makeup products

    The skin and skin color may be different and face, want to get the perfect matching their makeup products, or advice in the face of the color, use makeup test, makeup and makeup of the.

    4 misuse Concealer products

    The pursuit of exquisite makeup effect, Concealer different parts of the proposed use of different textures and colors of the product. For example, the black eye is clear when you can use warm orange color products, then good ductility and skin color similar in the immediate area to draw a triangular shape to cover, so you can reap the natural makeup.

    5 too much emphasis on lip

    Unless the pursuit of 90s retro style, or without the use of lip liner lip painstakingly clear, after the meal but still clear Lip Lipstick was strong but rather awkward.

    6 waterproof paint

    Waterproof mascara although relatively more durable, but also will bring more trouble for cleansing, take longer and greater efforts to rub clean, if not in hot summer or humid environment is not recommended for daily use.

    7 ignore nail base oil

    A lot of people will be painted top coat nail polish, but the bottom oil base coat as important. It can provide protection for nails and nail polish more firmly, so that the color lasting bright.

    8 ignore the choice of makeup brush

    Brush hair brush head shape is different, want to make-up product value back to the fare, do a good job in advance to choose the appropriate brush is very important.

    9 the use of excessive makeup

    Use a lot of makeup products too far, use thin makeup concealer to cover collocation in key areas to cope with the daily makeup makeup will produce excessive demand, makeup too embarrassing.

    10 do not use eye base

    Worry about the eye shadow line with flash, flash powder ran to the face? Try to use eye patch products to solve this problem.

    11 Concealer makeup

    Only in the pox and India spots on the black eye pat Concealer products on it? Of course not, Concealer also need to be fixed in order to be durable, once the concealer small flaws on the skin is very easy to be exposed.

    12 eyes after the clip eyelashes

    This is not only easy to get to spend makeup, apply mascara eyelashes and easy to stick in the eyelash curler, whether it is sticking out a few eyelashes or coated with a good Mascara dregs to face, is not what you want to see.

    13 misuse blush

    Unreasonable blush color and shape will affect the overall beauty of the face. Smile at the apple muscle position smear Tasikmalaya dizzy catch, can make the surface shortening in vision, is suitable for the vast majority of the natural makeup effect. Look at your lessons and try to find the one that works best for you.

    14 dry nail polish with Nail Polish

    Diluted with washing water will destroy the internal components of the nail polish, smear good nail polish is difficult to dry, a small bottle of nail polish nail polish dry thinners can solve the problem of drawing, a lot of oil brand is sold.

    15 make up in unreasonable light

    Not only the dim environment will affect your judgment on makeup, bathroom or toilet table LED lights will be. The most obvious is the skin in bright natural light defects, but also the most suitable out natural makeup.

    16 cosmetic preservation time is too long

    Even the powder cosmetics also have a shelf life, usually after a few months to two years from kaifeng. And skin care products, repeated contact with the air is easy to deteriorate and the breeding of harmful bacteria, once over the use of the skin is harmful.

    17 choose the wrong Concealer

    And as the foundation, Concealer products color choices to suit their own color. Usually a color is not sufficient to meet the demand of all concealer, Concealer can choose a variety of disc Concealer products to reconcile the use of bright color cover lip and nose dark, warm orange and black circles, and the color of liquid foundation covered with spots and acne.

    18 squeeze close to empty bottles

    Too close to the empty bottle extrusion products will enable the air to enter it, with mascara, mascara and excessive extrusion does not make use of a long process, but will make the air into the tube to accelerate the mascara dry, unless you don't mind the brush is easy to agglomerate the fly leg ", or purchase or refill new.


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