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    Note that the 4 point makeup makeup experience clear flawless


    Makeup is beautiful, but in the workplace, especially when attending an important meeting, the makeup of the women can attract the attention of others, in the workplace will enhance the popularity of natural things, more smoothly. The original intention is to make yourself more beautiful, but some of us used to make up the habit, but minutes to make you ugly out of the new height, but also give people a kind of unprofessional impression, affect your development in the workplace. So what the editor is going to teach you today is how to save your embarrassing makeup!

    Question 1: makeup Futie.

    The morning time is very precious, a lot of girls rushed out immediately with skin care habits of makeup, a layer of a layer of liquid foundation cream to the face painted, so draw makeup is not uniform, but also impede the skin care. In fact, run out of skin care products, skin need to have sufficient time to absorb nourishing ingredients in skin care products, if you can instantly makeup, skin still has residual skin care ingredients, and makeup products - mess, there will be more minutes "and" the status of mud.

    Terms of settlement:

    Want to make become docile, and does not omit any maintenance steps? The best way is to get up early every day for 10 minutes, the reasonable distribution of skin care and make-up time. Of course, this is not a little girl there will be about 80%, if you are the one you can choose the most simple way, that is the last step in the skin after removing excess facial skincare ingredients in dip gently with tissue paper. This will not follow the "mud" situation.

    Question 2: makeup is too thick

    A lot of girls in order to cover the skin defect or dull face makeup, coated products began to keep the results to draw more and more thick makeup. In fact, a beautiful makeup is to show your skin shine! So in the foundation, must be clear, uniform brightness is good for facial spots can not blindly use liquid foundation to cover, because the main working liquid foundation is uniform color, modified pores, to cover a flawless skin or to use concealer to help.

    Terms of settlement:

    Light white skin is every girls in pursuit of the makeup effects, want to create a nude make-up effect, the first thing you'll notice is that when using the excess liquid foundation! To use makeup before the milk do backing in the face, then you can use the light liquid in place under the eyes, forehead, Chin and nose are provided light, then a few times in the face of the smear liquid foundation, when using the skin when uniform, translucent liquid foundation to immediately stop!

    Question 3: Concealer invalid

    Want to create a perfect commuter makeup, without the help of concealer. But when it comes to how to correctly use and select concealer, not everyone knows. If you choose the same color with concealer to modify flaws, but the effect is not good, will let the black rim of the eye becomes more obvious! Because the black eye skin color than the general color of our deep, if you use the same color concealer to cover, not only difficult to conceal the panda eyes at the same time, also make the position more dark bags under the eyes, dark circles will become more obvious.

    Terms of settlement:

    To solve the problem of dark circles, in the selection of Concealer when you need to choose a slightly darker than the concealer concealer. Or you can choose a 5 color concealer, the use of pink tone concealer to solve the problem of black eye, green tone concealer to solve the redness of the pox and India, purple Concealer modified face dull.

    Question 4 pearly dirt

    After work in the daily life, you have to use more prominent and more high-profile makeup colors can be in the office, but when absolutely not! In the office use color high degree of pearlescent cosmetics, such as pink, orange, blue, bright eye makeup, although it will make you more prominent and moving, but can give a person is not professional, and frivolous impression. In addition, the color is too bright color pearl products easy to spend makeup, a careless will give people dirty, not fine feeling, influence others to your judgment.

    Terms of settlement:

    The workplace for girls, the best eye make-up products is a sub quality, especially in the fall of the earth color, nude color, black resurgence, you can choose them as the eyes of the protagonist. Through the gradual change of the level of eye shape, and then through the mascara and eyeliner to make the eyes bigger and more beautiful. In this way, even if it is important negotiations, you can also live in hold!


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